Web Science

Πέμπτη, 31 Ιούλιος, 2008 - 16:20

Notwithstanding the Web is the most popular piece of software in human society has been unstudied in many aspects. What is the social, political and economical change after Web invention? Could be a useful tool for developing countries? Do we need a new privacy framework? Do we need regulation or liberalization? These and many other questions motivate emergence of a framework for a new trans-disciplinary field; Web science. The major scientific question of Web science could be what technological and other changes need to be incorporated in evolution of Web technologies to best serve human beings. What is Web Science? Is it a new discipline or a new name for an old discipline? Is it a genuine academic discipline at all? What is a Web Science methodology? In this context, privacy is briefly demonstrated as a Web science research case. Finally, the major research challenges and a strategic sketch for the Web Science Research Initiative are presented.


Vafopoulos, M. and Kenteris, M. (2008) Web science, presented in PCI 2008, 12th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics, Invited session: Web Science Research Initiative. 

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