The case of Greek public spending in a nutshell

Δευτέρα, 4 Ιούνιος, 2012 - 13:00
Doryssa Seaside Resort , Samos

Nowadays, the provision of publicly available open data targets to provide transparency in several public sector actions and decisions. However, this information is served massively and in different forms - mostly due to different bureaucratic procedures - while its diffusion does not occur at regular or at least generally predictable time intervals. Thus, even though the information is available by the involved public sectors, enterprises and citizens are overwhelmed from the size/inconsistency of the information they deal with.

In this demonstration, we will present a publicly accessible Web point (, which aims to enhance citizen awareness, to promote transparency and research efforts regarding public spending in Greece. The information is based on intelligent and semantic real-time processed Open Data that are derived from the open API of Clarity Program ( and the Greek Taxation Information System (TAXIS -, while it is served through easily consumed charts and a SPARQL endpoint.

A scenario on joint exploitation of Linked Data from various similar sources around the globe (e.g., Dbpedia, etc.) will be performed.

Vafopoulos Michalis, Meimaris Marios, Papantoniou Agis, Anagnostopoulos Ioannis, Alexiou Giorgos, Avraam Ioannis, Xidias Ioannis, Vafeiadis Giorgos and Loumos Vasilis, : Greek public spending in a nutshell, Samos 2012 Summit on Open Data and Interoperability for Governance, Industry and Society.

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