Initial thoughts about existence in the Web

Friday, 9 September, 2011 (All day)

The Web emerged as an antidote to the rapidly increasing quantity of accumulated knowledge and become successful because it facilitates massive participation and communication with minimum costs. Despite the fact that the enormous impact, scale and dynamism of the Web in time and space make very difficult to anticipate the effects in human society, we demand it to be fast, secure, reliable, all-inclusive and trustworthy. It becomes the time for science to pay back the debt to the Web and provide an epistemological “antidote” to these issues. On this campaign, Philosophy should be in the front line by forming the main questions and setting the research framework.

The scope of our research is to initiate the dialogue for a theory about existence and the basic functions in the Web that will serve as a bridge between philosophical thinking/engineering and applied science (e.g. economics, computer science). 

Download an extended abstract of my work in progress

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