Banking in Second Life: Marketing Opportunities and Repercussions

Thursday, 27 September, 2007 - 16:30

This paper presents two cases of real banks operating in metaverses, and more specifically within Second Life, in order to highlight the potential of such worlds as business and marketing platforms. We present the way the selected banks develop a business and marketing presence in the three dimensional environment by looking at the similarities and differences among their approaches. Subsequently, we emphasise the marketing implications of their approaches by examining the customer relationship management repercussions. At the end we provide further insights into this evolving and dynamic business phenomenon, highlighting specific avenues for future research.


S. Papagiannidis, M.A. Bourlakis and M. Vafopoulos (2008), “Banking in Second Life: Marketing Opportunities and Repercussions” 1st Biannual International Conference Strategic Developments in Services Marketing. 

Nike Kobe