Mathematic Significances as Didactic Transformations of the Web Science

Friday, 17 September, 2010 (All day)

Tsiotas, D., Vafopoulos, M., (2010) “Mathematic Significances as Didactic Transformations of the Web Science”, Proceedings of the Scientific Conference eRA-5, the SynErgy Forum (15-17 Sep 2010, Piraeus, Greece), pp.237-250

The transdisciplinary field of Web Science (WS) is taking the Web as its primary object of study. It is focused in the significant interplay among the social interactions enabled by the Web’s design, the scalable and open applications development mandated to support them, and the architectural and data requirements of these large-scale applications. One of the envelope questions of Web Science concerns the technological and other necessary changes in order the Web to work better for more people. The present work promotes the need of constituting an educational material for the WS in the Greek secondary education, so that the student will be able to manage the Web with cognitive supplies, concerning technical, qualitative and moral side. Moreover, the present study indicates those mathematic significances that contribute to the WS teaching comprehension and are further suitable for being an instructive material for the WS. That significances, which derive from the aggregation of mathematical scientific sectors, structure the conceptual framework of the WS’s proposed didactic transpositions network, digital and virtual. 

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