The personal Grid e-workspace (g-work)

Wednesday, 17 May, 2006 (All day)

ICTs should be conceived as “Interaction & Cooperation Technologies” that promote the process of “networking” public sector, private enterprises and help individuals to facilitate the relationships that make technologies productive, which is the major input to local economic development. Specifically, semantic web technologies and grid computing are emerging as the enabling infrastructure for the next decades because they are providing a unified way for managing distributed computing, data and human resources. The fundamental challenge along the way is to provide an integrated bundle of user-centric web services coupled to processing power resources, namely a personal grid e-workspace (g-work) to every citizen. G-work is another step towards ambient intelligence’s (AmI) environment vision.


M. Vafopoulos, G. Gravvanis and A. Platis. The personal grid eworkspace, in: M.P. Bekakos, G.A. Gravvanis and H.R. Arabnia, eds., Grid Technologies emerging from Distributed Architectures to Virtual Organizations, WIT Press, Advances in Management Information, Vol 5,  ISBN: 1-84564-055-1, 2006.

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